PHENJORIPE & friends  -  polish & russian gypsy show

" Das Lied bleibt hinter uns zurück... "

An excellent show with  amazing dancers, singers and musicans,  former and current soloists of the polish Gypsy Theater TERNO , both live and disc music ... -  open your heart and let it dance!



Katjusha Kozubek (voc.) - PHENJORIPE

Anna Debicka (dance) - PHENJORIPE

Natalia Debicka (dance, voc.)  - PHENJORIPE

Artur Szewczyk (voc., dance)

Tomasz Krzyzanowski (viol., git.)

Damian Szewczyk  I  Konstantin Nazarow  (piano)


artistic direktor:  Katjusha Kozubek

 © Copyright Katjusha Kozubek 2016